Nature Sound CDs and MP3s at Calm Tracks

Calm Tracks recently began to sell a collection of Nature Sound CDs, now they’re offering the same content as MP3 downloads of the same amazing natural sounds. Experience the tranquil sounds of everything from thunderstorms, forest creeks and even the ocean. They’re all perfect to listen to from the comfort of your favorite chair, or even in bed! The Nature Sound Series is available to download at Calm Tracks, but there is also a CD version if you so desire.

‘Summer Rain’ is one of our absolute favorites, it blends a soothing and gentle drizzling rain with calming ambient thunder that can be heard from a distance, it’s not loud booming noise, but rather gentle, steady and relaxing instead.

The entire collection spans 6 CDs, there is also a recent addition of a product called ‘Cozy Fireplace’ which features the real sounds of crackling fire and burning logs, it’s simply great!

You can check out the entire collection at both Software Warehouse and Calm Tracks.

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- a d v e r t I s e m e n t -